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Weight Loss, God’s Way – Q&A 95: How Biblical Weight Loss Works

By admin

May 28, 2023

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Hello, and welcome. I’m Annette reader from the biblical And I am here to answer your questions. Today’s questions are all about .

So I know this is a topic that is very important to all of you, even to myself.

The question is, what are a few staple food replacements to keep on hand to help stay away from junk food?

Well, it’s not really a matter of changing the food, it’s a matter of changing the thought to change the food, well, we’re soon going to get tired of that replacement. And we’re gonna go back to the junk food. But if you change the thought, why you reached for that food, you change the behavior and then the junk food will never be calling your name. Or if it does just tell it Hey, that’s not me anymore.

Next question – I have done diets and lost weight three times now. And the way it just keeps coming back. I believe it is because I’m not married to my faith and what God says about health. How do I make sure that it sticks and I’m seeking Him?

Well, this is what the 40 day transformation is all about. It’s going to walk you through that exact process. It’s also what the hunger satisfied journal is used for, we need to change our thoughts. This changes our beliefs. And this leads to new behaviors, therefore better results. So believe behavior and blessings. That is the way it works in all areas of our life.

Third question – how do I get my focus off food and onto God?

This is measured by learning beliefs, behavior, blessings, anything opposite to that and he’s sabotaging thoughts is going to lead to food addictions, it’s going to lead to weight gain, it’s going to lead to struggle.

We are not working on willpower. It’s just setting the course. Then prayer and praise are the propellers of the ship. When thoughts Food come to mind and it is not yet time to eat, move into praise and prayer, addictions and praise cannot happen at the same time. So choose one. So we tend to make this into a science experiment starting with a hypothesis. Well, I’m going to do this and then I’m going to try it and then we’ll see what happens. No. prayer and praise are the answers. And God’s word has already proven it true.

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