May 22


Vespa – Mental Clarity via Blood Sugar Stability

By admin

May 22, 2023

Alexei Yagudin, blood sugar, blood sugar stability, fat adaptation, Mental Clarity

and what I like to call “” is a vital component for overall performance. This blog was inspired by a message I received a few days ago from an ER Nurse who has low BS challenges and wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor):

“I did the big ruck-heavy lift day-then a crazy ER shift—all on Vespa…no food- was stable all day—-I had no deviations—and I have felt awesome all day”

This is consistent with what so many athletes notice when using Vespa. Things like :

“I don’t make stupid mistakes late in a race anymore.” & “I am totally focused and in the zone.”

Why is “” so important?

Click here to see the full article or watch this video –

Vespa – Mental Clarity via Blood Sugar Stability

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