February 27


The Most Important Daily Habits For Health & Longevity – Dr Rhonda Patrick (4K)

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February 27, 2024

Fitness, Health & Fitness

Dr Rhonda Patrick is an biomedical scientist, researcher and a podcaster.

Determining the best actions to take for enhancing our health and extending our lives has grown more challenging. There are an unlimited number of wellness approaches at our disposal, thankfully Dr Patrick has dedicated her professional life to identifying the most evidence-based strategies for improving our health and longevity.

Expect to learn if low omega 3s are worse for you than smoking cigarettes, what Rhonda’s thoughts are on vaping and nicotine, the best foods to boost your metabolism, the once a week workout that can de-age your heart by 20 years, how to get the benefits of heat exposure if you don’t have a sauna, the terrifying health risks of being too sedentary and much more…

00:00 Are Low Omega-3s Worse Than Smoking?
07:31 How to Know What Omega-3 Supplements to Use
12:53 The UK Are Banning Disposable Vapes
20:19 Discussing Forms of Intermittent Fasting
27:24 How to Incorporate Time-Restricted Eating Into Daily Life
42:07 How Important Are Leafy Greens?
48:11 The Biggest Movers for Cognitive Function
1:00:27 What Actually is Brain Fog?
1:14:08 The Keys to Improving Your Mood
1:32:32 An Ideal Cold & Heat Exposure Routine
1:49:18 The Physiological Response to Cold Exposure
2:08:25 How to Design an Exercise Routine
2:23:22 The Protocols to Improve VO2 Max
2:30:55 The Risks of Staying Sedentary
2:34:29 Walking After a Meal
2:40:34 At What Age Do You Stop Gaining Muscle Mass?
2:51:09 Refining the Story You Tell Yourself
2:56:03 Where to Find Rhonda

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