March 14


The Calories Expert: Health Experts Are Wrong About Calories & Diet Coke! Layne Norton

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March 14, 2024

Fitness, Health & Fitness

Dr. Layne Norton is a former powerlifting champion and professional bodybuilder. He is the founder of Biolayne LLC and the co-founder of Carbon Diet Coach.

00:00 Intro
02:40 Making Accessible to Everyone
13:22 My Bullying Experiences Is My Driver to Help People
16:15 How to Overcome Our Food Addiction
14:15 Finding the Psychological Ways That Stop Us from Achieving What We Want
17:26 How to Build Motivation and Discipline
24:09 Setting Big Goals Stop You from Achieving Them
26:50 The Psychology of Taking Small Steps Really Work
28:59 What Takes for a Person to Decide to Lose Weight or Go to the Gym?
34:36 Calories In/Calories Out
37:29 Thermic Effect of Food
41:25 Metabolic Adaptation
43:38 Can You Lose Weight in Calorie Surplus?
52:36 Artificial Sweetness
59:25 Is Sugar Addictive?
01:05:43 Craving Sugar
01:07:38 How Sweeteners Affect Our Gut
01:08:52 What Supplements Do You Recommend?
01:14:01 Whey Protein
01:17:39 Caffeine
01:18:44 Intermittent Fasting
01:19:52 Does Fasting Help When You’re Ill?
01:24:00 Can You Lose Belly Fat?
01:27:16 Is Exercise Useful for Weight Loss?
01:30:16 Exercising Helps Having a Balanced Diet
01:34:43 Keto Diet
01:38:57 Fat Loss and Fat Oxidation
01:41:31 The Importance of Failure in Success Rate
01:49:29 Ozempic
01:52:46 What Are the Downsides of These Drugs?
02:00:12 What Do You Think of the Industry?
02:07:41 Resistance Training
02:08:52 How to Grow Big Muscles
02:17:57 Last Guest Question

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