June 8


Self Realization is Perfect Bliss; Your Outer Life Remains Imperfect

By admin

June 8, 2022

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Self realization, the transcendental reality is Infinite , Infinite Consciousness. There is no suffering in the Divine Reality. But still life goes on, imperfect and messy.

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We tend to think self realization or means our outer life becomes perfect. But outer life never becomes perfect. And our desire to make it perfect always leads to disappointment.

But it is in disappointment that we look inward towards a deeper reality, a more truthful reality. Here we find our essence. We transcend the mind and ego, we go beyond the self and find the Divine Reality that is .

So yes, when you are abiding in the transcendent, there is perfect bliss. There is no suffering, no desire, no ego. But that does not mean your outer life becomes club med, a never ending holiday. You still have bills to pay, leaky roofs and challenges to overcome like everyone else.

I say this so you understand the difference. Self realization is not making your outer life perfect. Self realization is realizing the Divine Reality. It means your perception opens into a deeper reality that is Infinite Bliss, that is liberation.

Really, its more about coming to meditate with me in these videos and experiencing the transmission that is happening when you look in my eyes or simply close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. My wish is to give you an experience of what I am talking about. Otherwise I just look like a crazy person 🙂

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I hope you got something good watching the video!

Much love to you,

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