February 21


MIXED KNOWLEDGE QUIZ (It Will Take A Sharp Mind To Get More Than 8!) 10 Multiple Choice Questions

By admin

February 21, 2022

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MIXED Themed and with Multiple Choice.
No trick questions or silly riddles – just straight up old fashioned trivia.
If you like trivia, then give your brain a workout with Mister Quizster’s Trivia Channel.

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Click here for an 80’s — https://youtu.be/XDdw-LbBBQo
Click here for a MOVIE — https://youtu.be/6eTssirsnnM
Click here for a GEOGRAPHY QUIZ — https://youtu.be/-BGe5urgAmU
Click here for a WISE OLD SAYINGS QUIZ — https://youtu.be/WvEY6bjNcF0
Click here for a JAMES BOND QUIZ — https://youtu.be/CWIpUMGOlJU
Click here for a MUSIC OF THE 70s QUIZ — https://youtu.be/_xm1Jz-GL4Q
Click here for a NAME THE CELEBRITY QUIZ — https://youtu.be/fOFeut3kXH0
Click here for a FAMOUS PAINTINGS QUIZ — https://youtu.be/43gogxq41fw

Mixed Themed Quiz Questions
10 Questions, 4 Multiple Choice Options Plus A Bonus

0:00 Intro and Welcome
0:08 Q1 – One For The Money, Two For The Show…
0:33 Q2 – Cruising
0:55 Q3 – NHL
1:18 Q4 – Hindenburg
1:42 Q5 – Tokyo
2:05 Q6 – Ziggy Stardust
2:29 Q7 – It’s All Greek To Me, Even In Latin
2:54 Q8 – Capital Cities
3:20 Q9 – Sherlock Holmes
3:44 Q10 – Tropic Of Cancer
4:11 Bonus (find the answer in the pinned comment)

Intro Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
Music and sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

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