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@LukeCoutinho’s FREE OF COST Fitness Consultation (For All Body Types) | The Ranveer Show 19

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February 22, 2023

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FREE OF COST consultation, featuring India’s top health coach – Luke Coutinho

Today the or the health quotient in India has changed. People are now focused on being healthier and often the question that gets asked is how to be healthy or how to be fit. Adding more value like always through “The Ranveer Show” podcasts, today we have on the show, India’s top health & wellness coach Luke Coutinho. Luke Coutinho is a health guru and is known for being a Bollywood trainer. Today he shares the success story of health tips and various fitness tips that have been implemented across multiple clients as a part of Bollywood health. Luke Coutinho’s videos are highly informative along with Luke Coutinho’s intermittent fasting diet advice. In this Indian podcasts English, Luke Coutinho talks about various aspects of healing motivation through meditation, positivity and fitness advice as well as health advice. These easy fitness hacks will change your life!

A truly enlightening and inspiring podcast that has been added to the Ranveer Show by BeerBiceps (aka Ranveer Allahbadia).

00:00 – Introduction
02:10 – Intermittent Fasting
04:34 – Rules for Intermittent Fasting
07:20 – Benefits of Intermittent fasting
09:19 – Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep
11:10 – What happens during sleep?
12:04 – Sleep Hygiene that should be followed
13:08 – Before and after meditation
19:42 – How does Pranayam help?
23:12 – Mental health Awareness
27:03 – What is Clinical Depression?
30:45 – Alcohol Abuse
33:20 – Eating food consciously
38:29 – Junk Food Eating
42:04 – Exercising
44:05 – 4 Things that should be done every day

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