February 2


Are You a Warrior or a Strategist? How Personality Impacts Fitness

By admin

February 2, 2023

Fitness, Health & Fitness

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A HUGE thank you to Paul and Louise from 1st4 in Bicester for letting me film at their gym and rig up all my lighting!


In this video, I discuss the role that personality has in determining performance and . For example, extroverts are typically in better shape as compared with introverts. This is because many activities that get you in shape are also social in nature!

But it goes deeper than that. For example: did you know that introverts also have slower reaction speeds, on average? But that they make fewer mistakes when responding?

An even more interesting dichotomy is the “warrior vs worrier.” Warrior’s being those people with lower levels of dopamine and worriers being those with higher levels. Worriers are also sometimes referred to as “strategists,” which is a little more flattering.

It’s reductive to attempt to simplify a personality to a few “types.” But these can be useful frameworks for understanding ourselves better. And knowing ourselves better is a highly effective strategy for getting more from our training.

I hope you found this interesting, guys! Let me know a bit about yourselves in the comments. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Warrior or worrier? What’s your Myers-Briggs type? Thanks for watching!

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