May 5


A Guide To Daily Journaling | My Notion Journal Template for Mental Clarity

By admin

May 5, 2022

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This is a guide to daily journaling and a tour of my : the best solution I’ve found to actually write regularly. Using journaling prompts inspired by the Stoics, this set-up helps you find mental clarity through daily reflection. GET THE TEMPLATE:
Journaling is proven to improve your productivity, creativity and happiness… so THIS is a game-changer!

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1. My Setup Tour 2022: A Complete To Manage Your Life: Part 1:
2. Track Your Routines & Build Effective Habits | My Notion Habit Tracker:
3. Are You Planning Your Week the Right Way? | Paper Vs Notion Weekly Planner:
4. Simple Productivity Toolkit: My Everyday Productivity Essentials:

00:00 My Daily Stoic Journaling Template In Notion
00:37 Daily Journaling: Video Guide
01:25 Download My
01:46 1. The Benefits of Journaling
03:03 2. Stoic Journaling for Mental Clarity
03:54 3. How To Keep A Daily Journal + Notion Hacks
06:57 4. Notion Template Features Tour
08:45 5. My Best Templates
12:00 6. Life-changing … and Tim Ferris!

Don’t Break The Chain:
The Art of Journaling:
Tim Ferris: Testing The Impossible:

A list of the kit I use to make this channel all in one place:

My name is Simon, and I’m finding ways to simplify productivity & creative life.
Exploring productivity, simple living and creative life, the YouTube Channel is my project to build a toolkit to help creative people (including me) create more meaningful work, create better content, and live more intentional stress-free lives in the process. Other than doing this, I work as a freelance creative in theatre and film, creating productions.

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