March 9


5 Amazing Foods to Improve Gut Health

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March 9, 2024

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If you often face indigestion, gas, acidity or your energy levels remain low then there are 5 foods that you must include in your diet.

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Not only these foods are easily available but are backed by Ayurveda and today proven by modern science to resolve gut problems. We will discuss when and how you consume them so that you can get maximum benefit from them.

00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – What is Gut?
01:16 – What is the root cause of digestive problems?
01:33 – what if Gut health is ignored?
02:10 – #5 Food that heals the gut. This easily available food not just adds taste to boring meal, but is a superfood for gut as well.
03:40 – #4 Food that heals the gut. Replace wheat and rice with this grain and you will be amazed to see visible improvement in your gut health.
05:14 – #3 Food that heals the gut. If there is one herb, best for Gut health, its this.
06:51 – #2 Food that heals the gut. This fruit is not only tasty and easy to eat but is naturally detoxifying.
08:23 – #1 Food that heals the gut. After every meal chew 1 teaspoon of this seeds and see how your gut issues resolve.

Oat Groats (Unprocessed whole oats) –
Steel cut oats (broken version of oats) –
Rolled oats (flattened oats – cooks faster) –
Oats Flour (for chapatis and other recipes) –
Black raisins –
Green Raisins (Kishmish) –
Moti saunf –
Moti Saunf (option 2) –
Thin saunf –
Dry Ginger Powder –

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5 Amazing Foods for Fat Loss

Shampoo (option 1) –
Shampoo (option 2)-
Shampoo (option 3) –
Bathing Soap (option 1) –
Bathing Soap (option 2) –
Bathing Soap (option 3) –
Toothpaste (option 1) –
Toothpaste (option 2) –
Face wash (option 1) –
Face wash (option 2) –
Face wash (option 3) –
Hair oil (option 1) –
Hair oil (option 2) –
Hair oil (option 3) –
Moisturiser (option 1) –
Moisturiser (option 2) –
Moisturiser (option 3) –
Cooking oil (option 1) –
Cooking oil (option 2) –
Cooking oil (option 3) –
Ghee (option 1) –
Ghee (option 2) –
Ghee (option 3) –
Biscuits (option 1) –
Biscuits (option 2) –
Biscuits (option 3) –
Namkeen (option 1) –
Namkeen (option 2) –
Namkeen (option 3) –
Deodorant (option 1) –
Deodorant (option 2)-
Deodorant (option 3)-
Hair Conditioner (option 1) –
Hair Conditioner (option 2) –
Hair colour (option 1) –
Hair colour (option 2) –
Hair colour (option 3) –

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I wish you good health.
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