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[4/4] Essential Practices for Self Realization: Amplification | Bentinho Massaro

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March 20, 2022

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This is the fourth video in a 4-part series. During the 30-Day Mastery Retreat, Bentinho gives a distillation of the four types of he recommends and considers integral to the meta-journey of Self Realization. These types of meditations are the most helpful in terms of how to use your attention or to lead to the fastest, truest results. The four types of meditation are:

1) Penetrative: inquiring into, or directing one’s focus toward deeper levels of beyond one’s current level of perception;

2) Surrender: using inquiry or faith and devotion as a means to surrender to /Source/Oneness the falsehoods discovered through this inquiry, giving away any sense of ownership, doership, or any idea or belief that one may be holding onto energetically;

3) Recognition/Abiding: recognizing the of the true nature of Reality or to some degree, and then resting in the awareness of this truth, or abiding in this recognition; and

4) Amplification: using the will to see a certain of truth more clearly and purely, and then turning up the brightness or luminosity in order to experience the chosen state of awareness more precisely.


30-Day Meditation Mastery is a month-long online retreat designed to help beginners understand the true use of meditation (and fall in with it), and to support seasoned meditators in deepening and refining their practice.

The live sessions have come to an end, but you can still purchase a ticket (sliding scale price) to the online retreat and watch each session at your own pace at home:


Join Bentinho Massaro’s free online Forum, where spiritual seekers go to meet and discuss the teachings further:


Bentinho’s teachings contain the essence of all major spiritual paths, but zero in on what works and ignore what does not. If you want the deepest possible realizations, the most comprehensive tools to live a life of true fulfillment, and you’d like to master all this in the shortest amount of time humanly possible, you’ve come to the right place.


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