October 20


1982 0816 Self Realization alone is not enough

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October 20, 2022

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A Solution to Come

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So now there has to be a method that automatically gives you a balance as well as a good ascent and happy landings into the Kingdom of God. That has to happen. Now, you are all built-in that way, this is what it is, but again you don’t have that faith in me, neither in what we are saying, because again, “I believe in Mataji.” There are many who finish with that. You have to have faith in yourself, in your spirit, by experiencing it. It’s a something, a dynamic thing that has to happen within you. A tremendous thing.
It’s nothing something just your mental belief that today we are communists, tomorrow we are capitalists, and third day something else. It’s something that has to become, again I say, “become,” and again become. And that becoming is now. The time has come. This is the resurrection time. This is the Last Judgment, believe it or not. There is not going to be another time for that. This is the way we are going to be judged. Our maturity, our balance, our capacity.
Many people come to our meetings, few get their realisation, or many get their realisation, makes no difference to me or anyone or to , or to you, because, if there are seeds which are just sprouted and are wasted, they are wasted as if they are not sprouted. They do not grow. They are just like any other seeds which have not been touched by the Divine. Even if you get realisation, which is now quite easy for people to get to, they are for it, because the Divine is anxious, because your creator is anxious, to manifest itself, but to settle down as a realised soul is difficult. I have to tell you at the very outset that if you have to mature into it you have to understand yourself. You must have your self-esteem. If you just are here for a shopping,, “Oh, alright, let’s hear Mother also’, that’s not the way it is going to work out. If you are people of that calibre, then only you can ascend. There’s nothing else needed of you. You may be a prime minister or you may be a queen or you may be just a parlour maid, makes no difference to the Divine. You may be a socialist, communist or a capitalist, makes no difference. You may be this colour, that colour, makes no difference. But you have to have the calibre of a true seeker, who is intelligent enough to see that he has not come on this earth just to be wasted. If you make many instruments and if they are just wasted, they are not put to the mains, they are good for nothing, they have very loose connections, He’ll just say, “Cancel all these. Stop this factory. There’s no use having any more creations.”
Only those who are mature enough who have self-esteem – even age, you’ll be surprised, does not matter – I’ve seen people who are eighty years of age could be very stupid, and people who are very young, very small children also, could be great. So it is the inner quality of a person, his maturity, that matters in Sahaj Yoga. I know it is rather difficult to understand that why, if it is Sahaja, if the Kundalini rises so easily in us, why is it we take time to establish ourselves? The reason is very simple. We are not simple people, we are not, we are very complicated. We have complicated our lives with so many problems.

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