March 21


12 Minute Workout for Mental Clarity | GMAT Performance Expert Series

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March 21, 2022

Mental Clarity

Physical exercise can help you perform your best on the GMAT. Get your heart pumping with this 12-minute workout from Kyle Krancher, physical fitness expert at GMAT Ninja and owner of Train & Able, an online personal training business.

This workout requires no equipment — just make sure you have enough floor space to do a pushup.

To work with Kyle, contact him through his website:
Check out more of Kyle’s workout videos here:

How exercise can boost your GMAT score.

First, it can straight up improve your cognitive function. One study found that people with a higher fitness level scored 10% higher than their less fit counterparts in a series of tests to measure the participants’ ability to learn, reason, and problem solve — skills that are pretty important for conquering the GMAT.

Second, it can help reduce symptoms of anxiety. By exposing yourself regularly to the physiological symptoms of anxiety (which overlap a great deal with the symptoms of a good workout), you become less sensitive to the “fight or flight” signals that might spell disaster for your test.

Finally, it can boost your confidence. People who challenge themselves to achieve a higher level of fitness generally feel that they can better manage threatening situations (and the GMAT certainly can feel threatening).

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