August 27


😴🧘🏼‍♀️ Mental Clarity Before Sleep | Sleep Meditation & Visualization | Fall Asleep Fast

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August 27, 2023

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In this , we’ll calm an uneasy, scattered mind by visualizing the areas in our life that trouble us and temporarily put them away, allowing us to and enjoy deep, .

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In the midst of our seemingly endless to-do list, stressful moments, and worries of the future, Pod aims to provide mindfulness and restful for everyone, completely free. Enjoy our various and freshly updated content such as: , mindfulness daily meditation, music for relaxation and sleep, nature sounds ambience, ASMR for sleep, bedtime sleep stories for both adults and kids.

We are so proud to showcase the hard work of our compassionate and creative team from scriptwriters, our meditation instructor, composers, narrators, animator, editor and content maker 🙂 I hope you enjoy our work and love them as much as we do ^^

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Before Sleep | & Visualization |

Written by Gillian Sanger
Narrated by Alexander Masters

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